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Spence Cocanour



A little bit about me:

I'm Spence Cocanour.  I grew up on a farm in Ohio and spent my summers at the family cabin in Vermont.    


I retired as a full Colonel from the Air Force in 2019 where I spent most of my career as a Special Tactics Officer in the special operations community.  I now use my unique special operations skills to rescue cats stuck in trees. In a year and a half I have rescued almost 50 cats!


I also enjoy riding (and fixing) my many bikes, doing triathlons, guiding for Trek Travel cycling vacations, coaching for Walton Endurance Sports, doing various woodworking/stained glass/pottery projects, roasting coffee, and reading.  


Please check out my gallery on these pages, and Asheville Tree Top Cat Rescue on Facebook for my latest adventures.

2010 - present
2010 - present
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